Smooth Skin Tea

Smooth Skin Tea

As my schedule has picked up since working full time, I have noticed that my skin has been dried out. I also noticed that I was breaking out more often than in the past when I had time to take care of my skin every morning.

I wanted a quick fix for smooth skin and I thought that I would look up recipes for smooth skin tea. Why tea? Because it is fast and something that I drink almost every day.

After researching on various sites, what I found is that apple cider vinegar is great for your skin and mixing it with juice from a whole lemon is not only great for clearing up your skin and keeping it clear. Lemon juice also helps with weight loss by flushing everything out.

To make the mix a little bit sweeter, because the apple cider vinegar can be a bit tart, I add in honey or honey sticks.

I try to drink this mixture at least once a day.


What I use for this mix:

-1 tbsp Target ย Market Pantry-Gold Bear Honey

-2 tbspย Bragg Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

-Lemon from my front yard.

-I cup of hot water

Mix all of this together and let sit for a minute or two to let the water cool down. Enjoy while watching Netflix, blogging or just relaxing :).

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  1. Do you feel this concoction is working for you? I wouldn’t mind a speedy skincare solution myself! x

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