23 Lessons Learned in 23 Years


I have recently turned 23 (yay!) and reflecting on this, and after being inspired by Mattie Marie’s post, “21 Lessons Learned in 21 Years” and I wanted to make my own, so thank you, Mattie! Check out her site, it is just too cute :).

Anywho, 23… to some this may not seem old, but to me, I do feel old, but in a way in which I am happy with where I am and what I have learned thus far.

Lessons Learned over 23 years

Here are 23 lessons that I have learned over my 23 years.

  1. It’s ok that things take time. Most of the time when this happens, the situation will turn out better than you will expect.
  2. Living abroad for 4 months is one of the best decisions you will make it college
  3. High school friends who turn out to not be so wonderful will give you life lessons and experiences that made that hardship worth it.
  4. Push yourself, but not too hard.
  5. Cherish your red hair.
  6. Don’t look for others to give you fulfillment, look for it in yourself
  7. You will love coffee but try not to drink too much of it
  8. Enjoy those precious moments with your family, even if they annoy sometimes
  9. You can never have too many books
  10. Express yourself and do not be afraid to pursue new hobbies.
  11. Write as often as you can.
  12. Your mom will always be there for you.
  13. Don’t let others take advantage of your shyness, speak up for yourself.
  14. Ask for help from your teachers, from your parents, friends, coworkers.
  15. Laugh till you cry.
  16. Eat that slice of cake
  17. Don’t fret over how you look, one day you will appreciate the body that you are in and all that it can do.
  18. Learning the piano from the age of 5 is a good thing, trust me.
  19. Appreciate your older brother, even if he can be a little annoying.
  20. Every day, do something that makes you happy.
  21. Don’t be afraid to pursue photography, you will absolutely love it.
  22. Pets are irreplaceable.
  23. Take a break from technology once in a while, you will appreciate that time away.

That’s all I got folks! What are some life lessons you have learned?

xo HelloMadds 🙂

23 lessons learned in 23 years hello madds
Cheers to 23 years!


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