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Book Review of “Windy City Blues” by Renee Rosen

Overall Thoughts

I have read a book by Renee Rosen previously, “White Collar Girl”, and I really enjoyed it so I was excited to read, “Windy City Blues“. Rosen combines historical narrative and characters with background stories that make you feel like you are there with the characters.

A lot of historical fiction or fiction books have characters that are on uphill battles, without having to sink to rock bottom more than once in the novel. Rosen takes the reader through her characters lives as they rise, then fall, then rise then fall again. In the end, a majority of the characters lead happy lives, but not without having gone through some tough times first.

Nitty Gritty

The book follows the life of Leeba, a Jewish-Polish immigrant who moves to Chicago at the age of seven in the early 1930s. Weaving in the blues scene of post-WWII Chicago to the rise of the Civil Rights movement with the early days of rock n’ roll in the mid-1960s.

Ratings Score

I would give this book, 9/10 because Rosen’s writing style is gripping and I would highly recommend this book or her book “White Collar Girl” to anyone who loves historical fiction.

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