FabFitFun: Fall Box Review

FabFitFun Fabulous!

After seeing FabFitFun boxes everywhere, from social media to blog posts, I decided to order one for myself and I am so happy I did!

Love the design on the box! Each season its a different design.


The total price of the box depends on if you order all four boxes for the year at once or you can order one box at a time. For this first time around, I ordered just one box at $49.99 with free shipping. I got my box for $39.99 because I used a special promo code that I found on Facebook after searching through various tagged posts. I suggest doing this because you will more than likely find a popular beauty blogger or celebrity who has their own promo code.

FabFitFun gives you the option to add on extra goodies as you are placing your order. I decided that a eye shadow/blush and bronzer palette by LORAC looked so fun and at a price of $19.99, I thought what the heck, why not?

Giving Back

Another aspect of FabFitFun that I enjoy is that with each seasonal box, because they are a seasonal subscription box company as apposed to monthly, they partner with a charity.  This past fall season, F.F.F. partnered with UNICEF, donating around $100,000 just based off of their fall box sales and donations. I think that it is great that F.F.F. donates part of their proceeds to a charity because let’s face it, its a $50 splurge every season, so its nice to know that some of that money is going to people in need.

The Big Reveal

Now its time for some pictures!

Fun little magazine and UNICEF card that greets you when you first open the box.

All of the beautiful products that came in the #fall box.

Products totaling : $421, box bought at $59. 98

Again, normally the box is $49.99 but I bought mine with a $10 off promo code (making it $39.99) then I added on a LORAC eye/blush and bronzer palette for $19.99, with the original retail price at $38.00,  making the grand total of 59.98.

Do you see that big number up there! Yeah, that is how much all of the products, including my add on, is worth! That is crazy. I don’t know how F.F.F. does it, maybe with some kind of wizarding magic, but all the products end up to be such a great deal. Also, all of the products are full-sized, no sample sizes here!


Unfortunately, because of shotty lighting and poor judgment of natural light time, not all of the products will be shown here, but I will include a full list of the products at the end of the post!


This fabulous Mer-Sea scarf is the comfiest and softest scarf/blanket that I have ever had! Retail price is $98.00 *gasp! A beautiful blue and white ombre, this scarf is definitely going to come in handy on those cool fall and winter days.


Sorry for the blur! This dp Hue Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse is great for revitalizing all hair types. Super refreshing, I like to use this rinse about once a week so treat my hair and scalp to a little pick me up. The retail price is $35.00.


Next is the Deco Miami Lavender Cuticle Oil. This oil, unlike other cuticle treatments I have tried, is so light and not greasy at all. The retail price is $12.50.


This super soft, matte lip color is made by Trestique and the retail price is $28.00. I absolutely love this rich red color and it is just the right color to go with big comfy fall sweaters.


Ice ice baby *sings song in head*. This fun little hot or cold pack, by My Tagalongs, is great for when you have a achy back or a killer headache. Retail price is $15.00.


Next is this versatile wrap belt. I’m not afraid to admit that I am no size 2 and this belt fits me great! I can use it with my jeans or as a waist-sincher on sweaters or dresses. The retail price is $55.00.


Don’t you just love puns?? This adorable little gym bag is made by Private Party and the retail price is $59.00. Now I just might have to go the gym…


It’s not assembled in the picture, but I can assure you that this easy-to-assemble IMM Living  Jewelry Holder is so cute! The retail price is $33.00.

My add-on

This LORAC Pro to Go palette comes with six eye shadows, two blush colors and a bronzer. The retail price is $38.00 and when I added this on to my fall FabFitFun box, I only paid $19.99 for it.

Products not pictured

  •  Whish Renewing Mud Mask. Retail price of $48.00.
  • Cottonelle Cloths (10). Retail price is $1.02.

Final thoughts

Is this box worth it? Long answer, oh hell yes. Short answer, yes.

If you are considering taking the plunge on subscription boxes, like just in general, FabFitFun is a great one to start with. Each box comes with lots of full sized products, part of each boxes proceeds goes to a charity and you just can’t beat the deal on those products. Committing to a $49.99 plus (if you add-on products) box every couple of moths is a lot to commit to, but trust me it is worth it.

If you would like to get your own box, use my code  and to get $10 off your first box, use the code word: FIRSTBOX.

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