Self Care Sundays featuring 2Sweet Sugar Scrubs

Self Care

Self care is very important to me and I try to take time out of my day to do something nice for myself. Sunday’s in particular have become my day to treat myself. I do this by reading some magazines, watching some Netflix and doing a face mask or body scrubs.

Body Scrub Inspo

For a couple of months, I have been following a great blog, Mascara in the City, a lovely lifestyle blog by Felicia who lives in New York City. I have loved reading her posts and when I saw her post entitled, Apothecary For The Soul from 2 Sweet Sugar Scrubs,  I was very intrigued and was delighted to learn that Felicia makes homemade body scrubs and sell them on her Etsy store called, 2Sweet Sugar Scrubs.

I knew immediately that I had to try one out. After browsing through all of her body scrubs, which all look amazing and I could probably spend way to much money on all of them, I ordered the Italian Lemon Ice Body Scrub with Fresh Lemon Zest. I love the fresh scent of lemon and have used beauty products with lemon in them before so I knew that I would love this body scrub.


When life gives you lemons

This body scrub is natural, organic and vegan and for a 4 fluid once jar, it only cost $12.00 annddd it came with Free Shipping! How awesome is that? It is made with fresh lemon juice, sugar, coconut oil, vitamin E, and lemon zest. Sounds delicious right?

The body scrub was shipped two days after I ordered it on October 25th and it arrived on  Monday the 30th. Talk about a short waiting period. I was really surprised by this because 2Sweet Sugar Scrubs is based out of NY so I figured it would get to me in a week but I was so wrong. This was a great plus on top of free shipping.


So pretty right?

(Yes) Scrubs

*A little pun/tribute to TLC’s song, No Scrubs.*

I love the fresh yellow color of this body scrub, it makes me excited to use it just from looking at it. Speaking of using it, let me tell you, this scrub does not disappoint. The combination of the fresh lemon with the sugar, coconut and vitamin E oil does wonders for your skin. As the winter cold is starting, my skin has started to become dry and over the past few days, this scrub has done wonders to make my skin silky smooth.

You can use this scrub anywhere but I highly suggest using it before you shave. I used it before shaving my legs and it worked really well as getting off any dead skin so that I was able to get a close shave.


Also, if you have dry or rough hands, I highly recommend using this scrub once every few days to get soft hands.

Overall Review

My overall thoughts on this body scrub is: you gotta try it out! I am very pleased with my lemon body scrub and I cannot wait to try my next scrub from 2Sweet Sugar Scrubs.



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6 comments on “Self Care Sundays featuring 2Sweet Sugar Scrubs

  1. We absolutely loved your review and we are so happy you had an overall amazing experience!! Plus the picture you took are fab Maddie 😘

  2. I’ve just started using body scrub and I quite like it. I should give these ones a go 🙂

  3. I️ love this! I️ make my own coffee scrubs!

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