3 Tips on how to become a Boss Diva

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I had the great opportunity to write a guest post on Spunky Diva Diaries  . I’m posting the blog post here, but I encourage you to go over to Spunky Diva Diaries for the orignial posting. Enjoy!

3 Tips

Let me get a raise of hands (or in this case, a like or comment) if your week sounds a little something like this:

  • Sunday: You prepare you to-do list for the day/week and you feel good, like you can tackle not only Monday, but all the days of your week
  • Monday: The morning shakes you a little, but by the afternoon, you are feeling good
  • Tuesday: You might not have accomplished everything you wanted to yesterday, but that’s ok, you’ll just do it today
  • Wednesday: Ok, you’ll do those things today
  • Thursday: So it didn’t happen yesterday and whatever, tomorrow is #friyay
  • Friday: #TGIF. I can get everything done on the weekend
  • Saturday: It’s Saturday, I should just relax and treat myself to 10 hours of Netflix
  • Sunday: Repeat

Does this sound familiar to anyone or is it just me?

If it isn’t just me, and you feel the same too, then I have some tips I would like to share with you so you can own your week and feel like a boss diva all at the same time.

Tip 1: Hustle. Hustle hard.

Monday blues are bringing you down and that to-do list is staring right into you soul? Take a second, realize that today is just another day and that you can make it whatever you want. You can tackle the day if you set your mind on it.

Tip 2: Take your time

You now have in your mind, the task or project you would like to get done. If you set a deadline for your goal but you don’t reach it, don’t beat yourself up about it. If you beat yourself up about not meeting a self set deadline, you will just feel awful and this cycle will only continue. When you give yourself the time you need, you will not only complete your goal but you will knock that goal out of the park

Tip 3: Cultivate a life you enjoy

Meeting goals for a week and creating a life you love can seem worlds apart, but trust me, they are connected. When you set goals for your week, take into account a few things: Do these goals align with where you want to see yourself in a month, in a year? Do your goals make you happy, excited or do they make you anxious or sad? Use your weekly goals to help create the life you want to see yourself have in the next month, year or five years. It is all about the baby steps.

I hope that this three tips have helped you or given you at least an idea on how you can rock your life as a boss diva.

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1 comment on “3 Tips on how to become a Boss Diva

  1. haha – you have basically just described my week, every single week. i know myself well enough now to know that anything i leave until friday to get done…will definitely not be getting done because i go FULL weekend FRIYAY mode instead!

    katie. xx ♥

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