How to be a Redhead subscription box

How to be a Redhead- Subscription Box Review

Guess what

I am a redhead! Ok, so that isn’t the news but its does have to do with being a redhead.

How To Be A Redhead

How To Be A Redhead is a lovely company, which was founded by two sisters,  that has an amazing site with tips and tricks for natural and dyed redheads as well as a monthly subscription box that is geared towards redheads!

The box comes with lots of goodies, some full size and some sample size. Some of the past products I have received were face creams and an eyebrow pencil (use natural redheads have basically invisible eyebrows).

February Subscription box review

The monthly subscription box costs $18.99, with free shipping and the total of all of the products in this months box was $154.94. Crazy deal right?

How to be a redhead subscription box

The products that were included in this months box were:



I would recommend this box to any redhead who wants to feel a little special. Embrace your red hair!

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