Kelsi Dagger shoes

Shopping Haul- New shoes from DSW

Big feet

I have size 11 feet; they are huge but they are mine. My whole life, I struggled to find shoes that were not only comfortable but cute.

My Savior- DSW

My life-long struggle ended when I cam across DSW– Designer Shoe Warehouse. The store is glorious; it has rows and rows of shoes, from boots to sneakers to sandals and everything in between. Also, all of the shoe prices are marked down. I’m taking Addis marked down, Nike marked down- it’s all marked down!

When I went to DSW this past weekend, they were having a major sale, all shoes were up to 65% off.

Shoes I bought

I went in wanting to get running shoes and that’s it. My old ones were falling a part and they were making my feet hurt.

Buuutt, as I was browsing through the racks, I saw the cutest pair of light pink booties designed by Kelsi Dagger. They are made of the softest leather, with a slight heal. I am just in love with them. At first,  I was thrown off by the price, $99, but I noticed that it was 40% off that price, plus an additional 30%. Umm, helll yes.

Kelsi Dagger booties

Next, lets talk about the shoes I actually went in to buy, my new running shoes.

I browsed through a couple of isles of running shoes until I cam across these bright orangey- red Saucony running shoes. They are so comfortable with memory foam insoles and they really form to my feet. The running shoes were originally like $89.99 (I think) but at DSW they were $49.99.

Saucony running shoes

Grand Total

My grand total for the two pairs of shoes was $91, which is less than the original price of the Kelsi Dagger shoes and just a little bit over the original price of the Sauconys.

I am excited to wear my new shoes running and my new booties!

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