“No – Spend” Self Care Tips

Self-Care Inspo

If you Google the term, “self-care,” you will get close to 2 billion and counting hits. To say that this is a popular idea would be an understatement.

I’ve even written about various forms of self-care before from sugar scrubs to treating yourself to a FabFitFun box. While both of these are great ideas for some self love, I wanted to create a list of free/ no – spend ways to show some self-care.

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The List

Whether you’re looking to add some new ideas into your daily routine or you’re looking to have a self-love kind of day, take a look through the following list for some inspiration. I would love to hear any ideas or thoughts that you might have in the comments!

  • Declutter your space- Whether this be your room, your office or even your car, take some time to clean out all of the junk that might be holding your space (and yourself) back.
  • DIY Face Mask- There are tons of ideas to create a do it yourself face mask from the ever wonderful, oatmeal and honey mask to a turmeric and honey face mask. Check out Pinterest for lots of great ideas.
  • Spend some time outside- Whether this means going for a walk around your neighborhood alone or with a buddy, getting outside will help to clear your mind and will let you focus on what is important.
  • Try a new hobby or pick up an old one- For me, a hobby that I love is photography and whenever I can get the chance to do it, I feel super happy. Whatever it is that makes you happy, whether this be drawing, scrapbooking or hula hooping, carve some time out of your week to practice what you love.
  • Indulge your taste buds with a delicious treat you baked- I absolutely love to bake and more importantly, I love to eat the treats that I bake. Do you have a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe that you can make in 5 minutes flat or have you been meaning to try out a new recipe you saw on Pinterest? Pull out the flour and butter and get to making a delicious treat!
  • Go through your closet and pick out an outfit that makes you feel amazing- Have a special dress that makes you feel like a million bucks? Put it on and take a moment to appreciate your body and all that you have accomplished.
  • Journal- Whether this be writing a letter to your future self or simply just doodling in a notebook, taking a moment to write/draw out your feelings will help you to feel centered and hopefully, for that moment, will make you feel at peace.
  • Volunteer- Helping others really makes you realize all that you have to be grateful for. Look into your passions to help you figure out where you can best serve others. Do you enjoy spending time with cats and dogs? Volunteer at your local animal shelter. Find more inspiration on Volunteer Match.org.

I hope that this list has been helpful and/or inspirational to you and I would love to read any comments or suggestions that you might have.

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