Favorite Podcasts on Spotify

Podcasts are my way to tune out the world, learn something new, laugh out loud and generally, they make me pretty dang happy.

I started to listening to podcasts during a time about two years ago when I was recently fired from a job, living in a new city and was far away from my family friends. They were my escape and made me feel like I wasn’t as lonely because I had someone to talk to (?) (metaphorically of course…).

I discovered all of the podcasts that I currently listen to on Spotify and it has been my go to since.

My Favorite Podcasts

My Favorite Murder by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

To start off this list of my favorite podcasts, I have to start with the podcast that started it all for me, My Favorite Murder. If you haven’t heard of My Favorite Murder, it is a weekly true crime comedy podcast hosted by two friends, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. “True crime” and “comedy” might sound like an odd combination, but to me, these two make it work. Each week, Karen and Georgia, discuss a murder that they are fascinated by and as a way to deal with the horrifying cases they are covering, they inject a little humor into their conversation.

I have always been fascinated by true crime ever since I can remember (early 2000’s Dateline, anyone??) so when I found this podcast I was hooked. I think that I was also drawn to this podcast because Karen and Georgia just seem so real. They discuss true crime, but they also talk about their own lives, discussing their own struggles with depression, drugs and just the general shit of being an adult. When I was jobless, these two kept me sane while talking about insane crimes. Their humor and their spirit lifted me out of the depression that came with not feeling like I had a purpose because I wasn’t working.

If you like true crime, but discussed in a real (maybe not always so strict on the facts) way, I highly recommend My Favorite Murder.

My Favorite Murder on Spotify.

Cults by the Parcast Network

To keep this true crime train going, my next favorite podcast is Cults by the Parcast Network. The podcast, Cults, discusses the history and psychology behind famous cults and their leaders.

This show is super fascinating because it not only tells the listener about cults but it also goes into some reasons why people were drawn into that cult or why the cult was started. I really enjoy this show because of the depth of detail that they do include. Parcast has a huge list of shows that are all excellently produced and range from true crime shows like Cults to tales about heroic dogs to survival stories.

Cults on Spotify.

The TryPod by the Try Guys

Making a hard left turn, my next favorite podcast is the TryPod by The Try Guys.

When I need a break from listening to true crime shows, The TryPod is what I turn to. You might have heard of them, or maybe not, but the Try Guys, in their own words are, “best friends who have made a living failing upwards,” and they do this by making hilarious YouTubes videos of them trying different things from eating all the items at a fast food spot to taking lie detector tests. Check out their YouTube channel for great content.

But this isn’t about their YouTube presence, its about their podcast. On this weekly podcast, the four guys discuss different things they have tried during the week or just bounce funny topics around. This podcast always makes me laugh out loud (and potentially makes me look crazy at work) and puts a smile on my face. Like Karen and Georgia of My Favorite Murder, these guys aren’t afraid to talk about some real issues or things that have gone on in their lives. If you want to laugh and just tune out the real world for a bit, I recommend The TryPod.

The TryPod on Spotify.


These three are in my heavy rotation and I am definitely guilty of listening to my favorite episodes more then once. My Favorite Murder, Cults and The TryPod are just a few of the podcasts I listen to on Spotify and would love to hear what you recommend!

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