Fall Mood Boards

Fall is in the air… well almost

Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love changing colors, the cooler days, the fashion and the food!

One problem is, I live in California, which isn’t exactly known for having four distinct seasons, let alone a solid amount of fall leaves. For the past few days in the Bay Area, specifically the South Bay, it’s been well into the 90’s; my poor little fall loving heart has been yearning for cool days and cloudy skies.

This inspired me to create a fall mood boards! I love to create mood/inspiration boards either digitally in Photoshop or on Canva or by hand with cutting out clips from magazines and glueing them to a piece of paper. I got inspiration from the mood board pins I have saved on my Mood Board Pinterest board. The photos that I included are from Unsplash.

This one I call mountain autumn vibes.

This one I call cozy pumpkin patch.

I hope that these boards inspire you! What is your favorite season? Do you enjoy fall as much as me?

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