Photos from Gorgeous and Green: Ashland, Oregon

We had the opportunity to go to Ashland, Oregon over Memorial Day weekend and we absolutely loved it. It has a very cute downtown with lots of little shops and views of the green hills that surround the city. The crowning jewel of the city is Lithia park, a massive 93 acre park that starts in downtown, near where the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is held.

I highly recommend Ashland if you like picturesque streets, charming shops and yummy food.

Downtown Ashland

Downtown Ashland was adorable and we were both blown away by all the green everywhere- this might not mean a lot to some but from two Californians who are used to golden, dry hills, this was a sight to see.

This is Kenny (my boyfriend) trying Ashland’s famous sulfur water. It’s supposed to have healing properties, but it was honestly super gross tasting!

Lithia Park

Like I mentioned earlier, Lithia Park is a 93 acre park that starts in downtown and stretches on for what seems like forever. We explored the park post breakfast at Brother’s restaurant and we had a great time. We probably saw less than a tenth of the park, it huge and I would love to come back and explore the park for a full day

Ashland is adorable and I would love to return. Enjoy this photo diary and check out my other photo diaries: Maui, Disneyland, Midtown Sacramento, Big Sur, California, Viterbo, Italy and Bracciano, Italy.

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